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FSA Resources
UKnighted, We Can #TACKLE the FSA!

#TACKLE Strategy

FSA Reading, Unpacked
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Score Goals
Freshman Scores
Level 1 276-327
Level 2 328-342
Level 3 343-354
Level 4 355-369
Level 5 370-407

Sophomore/Retake Scores
Level 1 284-333
Level 2 334-349
Level 3         350-361
Level 4 362-377
Level 5 378-412

Graduation Requirement
(FSA/Concordant Scores)
In order to meet the ELA graduation requirement, a student must receive any ONE of the following scores:

Grade 10/Retake FSA                     350 (Level 3)
SAT Evidence-Based R/W          430
SAT Reading                             24
ACT Reading                             19

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